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AntIQ 2002 - AntIQ Forever!


Welcome on the web site of the AntIQ 2002 party!

AntIQ will be held again this year, again in Pécs, again at the Nevelési Központ , again in august, as usual.

Everyone is welcome who has at least minimal interest for computers as a professionel or hobby user.Be a programmer, graphician, musician or gamer, come to the party, you will surely find exciting programs fro yourself!

This new site will refresh until august, it will serve hot news and votings to serve your needs.

At the top are the menus for navigation. The main page is accessible through the 2002 link at the timeline.The older party pages are accessible too for nostalgia.

The votings will be placed at the left. You can also find the news , email and t-shirt order options there.

See you in august!
(Purple Motion won't be there even this year...)
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